Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sexy bathroom mirror self portrait

So there i was, in my bathroom, with my phresh new Polo tee (complete with fully erect colar), my super heterosexual sunglasses, bitchin' new Lucky brand jeans (just low enough so that only a tasteful bit of my thong could be seen) and my trusty studded belt that glistened with magnificence. Do i even need to mention how awesome my hair looked? My head was the sexiest sea urchin you've ever seen. Needless to say i looked good.

if only i could capture this moment forever. Perhaps so i could look back and maybe someday show my grandkids.

"hey there Zorboth, why don't you hop off that hover board and come see how hawt your grandpa used to be."

But alas, i didn't have any phrends present to take my picture. A sad thing indeed.
Wait a tic...

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